Situated in the ranges of the Western Ghats, Jawhar is known for its picturesque setting and a vibrant cultural heritage. It is one of the few remaining tribal regions of Maharashtra and is famous for its vibrant Warli paintings that are a characteristic landmark of this place. Established in 1918, Jawhar is one of the oldest municipal councils in the state of Maharashtra.

The Jawhar state was founded by Raja Jayaba Mukne in 1343, with Jawhar as its capital. The state went through many transitions and lasted for over six hundred years until its accession into the Union of India in 1947.

The Jai Vilas Palace, built in the Syenite stone, is the most popular historic site here. This palace is also known as Raj Bari and used to be a residential palace of the Mukne royal family.

Jai Vilas Palace, Hanuman Point, Sunset Point, Shirpamal, Dabhosa waterfall, Kal Mandavi Waterfall and Khad-Khad Dam are some of the famous tourist attractions in Jawhar.