Gondeshwar temple is situated at Sinnar, around 30 km from Nashik city. It is one of the fine examples of Hemadpanthi style of architectures, which were popularized by Hemadri Pandit (aka Hemadpant), a minister during the Yadav Dynasty.

Lying around the crumbling remains of the temple walls and the entrance gate, this stone wonder is known as the largest, most complete and the best-preserved example of the mediaeval temples of the Deccan of the Indo-Aryan style. The Structure is a group of five temples within a large enclosure known as Shaiva Panchayatan. The central shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the remaining four temples around it are dedicated to Lord Surya, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesh. The temple is truly unique in design, perfect in proportion and the stone carvings are exquisitely beautiful.